RoboTIC@ – Information and communication technology for robotics and applications | Current Project

The main objective of this project is to create a systematic and rigorous methodology to specify, verify, design and implement robotic applications.

It is one of the projects of INES and is part of the RoboStar initiative. The focus is on the design of a graphical simulation language, RoboSim, and mapping models in RoboSim to several target platforms: Arduino, B and Simulink/Stateflow, among others. Development of the final implementations from the simulations is also in scope. Finally, we will also consider probabilistic models, modelling of the environment and the development of real world applications.
Gustavo Carvalho
Gustavo Carvalho
Lecturer @ CIn-UFPE (BR)

My research interests include formal specification/verification, and tools development.